Frank Personal Development, LLC

Frank Personal Development’s philosophy and mission is to experientially teach its clients effective means of healing themselves and preventing future illness.

All of us are connected, yet too often we feel distant and separate from each other, often even feeling detached from our own families. Perhaps most importantly, the mind/body/spirit connection we call ourselves, often feels disconnected and disjointed too. When we feel that way, we experience a lack of ease within our being called dis-ease.

We are our mind, and our body, and a spirit waltzing around together in a dance we call “LIFE”. The big three, body/mind/spirit/, are a brilliant trinity we call “ME”

When you don’t feel good emotionally or physically, you are out of rhythm, harmony, and balance with your “self”. We can assist you in experiencing better health and a  deeper appreciation of life in your pursuit of purpose and happiness on our great planet!

You can call me for an appointment at 330-354-1472.