Mike Frank

Hi, my name is Mike Frank, and for thirty-two years I served in various capacities in the corporate world working for my family’s company. I began the company Frank Personal Development LLC in July 2004 with the idea of helping people to heal their mind/body/spirit connection and assisting my clients in reaching better health.

In my search to provide the best healing modalities I studied: Naturopathy, Homeopathy, vibrational healing, Jin Shin Jyutsu, German New Medicine, reiki, hypnosis, reflexology, iridology, Bars, BodyTalk, auricular therapy, emotional Homeopathy, chakra therapy, Ionized water, and much more.

My last 12 years has taught me that everyone is wonderfully individualized and that we heal differently according to the emotional and physical traumas experienced in our life journey.

For a customized session to learn techniques to assist in healing yourself please call me at 330-354-1472.