You are Christmas

In previous blogs, I shared that my favorite teacher was a priest I had my sophomore year in high school. My teacher was funny, brilliant, and dare I say radical for those times.

He constantly told us that the Bible was didactic, meaning bible stories were teaching important life lessons when using eyes to see and ears to hear for discernment of their meaning.

Fair enough for me, but still I wondered, where is my truth in the bible stories that so many take as the literal truth?

In the spirit of searching for truth and free choice, I am going to ask you to ponder a sacred religious story that may have far deeper meanings.

Our story is about the Nativity, the birth Jesus.


Imagine that we are the shepherds, watching our flock of sheep, representing our thoughts.

The stable with the animals represents our body and our physical nature.

The Inn, symbolizes our EGO where there is no room for the spirit of light, or higher consciousness, because we are so busy with worldly matters, (the inn was filled, EGO = edging God out)

The star represents the higher light from our pineal gland, our seeing eye.

Wise men signify our spiritual thoughts that come from the right side of our brain.

Virgin birth signifies that, with pure consciousness, we create the birthing of our Christ-mas story in our life (or not).

In reality, all the above can and will happen when, instead of reading, watching, and singing the nativity story, we become the story.

Jesus is the way, our teacher; we follow his example to become Christ like.

Bringing forth the Christ consciousness into our daily life, then, creates our real Christmas.

You are Christmas!


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