Santa Claus is an Inside Job

Rote Pille

To understand that Santa Claus is alive and well, you must venture inward, into our brain. You will need to understand the anatomy of the brain and perhaps do some of your own researching. Do not worry, I will give you a suggested website to ease your search.

The Claustrum (Santa Claus) is located (where He lives) as part of the Cortex; it is at the very top of our body (the North Pole).

The Claustrum is surrounded by White Matter (snow) in the brain. Directly next to it is the External and the Extreme Capsule, which coincidentally, resembles a sleigh. Santa’s Sleigh?

Even stranger, the Claustrum is considered on an island, in the Insular Cortex. Is this Santa’s island?

Looking laterally at the Claustrum you can find the Putamen, (the name comes from Latin putare, meaning “to consider or to think”) and it looks just like Santa’s Cap.

Do you believe in coincidences? Folks, how could I make this up!

There is more.

The Putamen is connected to the Substantia Nigra (Latin “black substance”) and as well you know, if we are naughty, we will get a lump a coal. Seems the Substantia Nigra is involved with regulating feel-good chemicals and their opposite.

How do the chemicals get to us? Down through the spine, which is Santa’s chimney! He brings toys, (the feel-good chemicals), or to the naughty, a Lump of coal (not so good feeling chemicals).

The cells in the Claustrum have a unique characteristic; all neurons perform the same function. (Are these the elves working for Santa)?

Perhaps no one has ever seen the real Santa Claus(trum) because Santa lives inside of us.

Is it any wonder Claustrum, the good feeling secreting oil, evolved to the Saint Claustrum, Santa Claustrum, to Santa Claus?

Are you beginning to believe in the real Santa?

If you wish to see more and find some visual charts, visit the following website:

Next blog will prove that Christmas is inside of you too.


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