How was your Thanksgiving?


I love Thanksgiving! Those who know me, recognize that I love food, and after last week, it shows.

I believe eating can be a celebration, given the hungry and starving in our world.

I am grateful for the preciousness of life.

I am thankful for my family.

I appreciate prosperity and generosity.

I am thankful for the kindness and love so many have shown me.

I am thankful for you who are reading these words.

I am thankful that all life comes to us with ease, joy, grace, and glory, bringing health, wealth, love and perfect self-expression.

I endeavor to keep celebrating thanksgiving and remembering to share how fortunate we are to be here, now, in this moment, creating a life that is better and better.

Thank you!


Within ourselves, we have been given a private Health Care Clinic, Pharmacy, Doctor Group, and Nurses, that we call the Our Healing Mosaic.

To learn how to better activate your Healing Mosaic, call me, Mike Frank, at 330-354-1472 or email at

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