Thanksgiving Gratefulness Suggestions

thanks.jpgBailey Paige Photography

Hi everyone, with the Thanksgiving Holiday just around the corner I thought I would share gratefulness and acknowledgement ideas.

Begin, or dust off, your gratitude journal writing statements like: I am so grateful, thankful, and happy for _________ (feeling as grateful as possible while writing).

Count your Blessings by making a list of your top ten blessings.

Wake up each morning by first saying Thank You!

State or write your top ten desires and say Thank You, imagining your feelings as if you already experienced them.

Pick out three people who really made a difference in your life and thank them by spoken word, a card, letter, or any appropriate manner.

Most importantly, thank yourself for your significance as an infinite being, creating more love, joy, peace, abundance, compassion, and forgiveness in our magical world.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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