Best of Kiki


Kiki: Hello everyone, when you are imaging, please keep these affirmations in mind:

Always imagine and expect the best!

Conflict cannot survive without your participation.

My thoughts are loving and positive.

I love and trust my imagination.

I picture abundance for others and myself.

I am thankful that I am increasingly magnetic to money, prosperity, and abundance.

There is an unlimited supply of everything good that I can imagine.

Fear is only excitement that forgot to breathe.

I can see peace in this situation instead.

I choose happiness today, I choose peace today, I choose success today, I choose right action today, I choose greatness today. I pour love, life, and emotion into these thoughts.

Meditation is what gets us started; habit is what keeps us going.

Wanting is a belief in not having

Be good to yourself, because you never outperform your own self-image.

Visualizing with feeling brings normalization of a potential real world experience, visualization without the support of feeling it, and believing it, brings fantasy.

Have a great week everyone, and keep meditating and programming your unconscious.



Within ourselves, we have been given a private Health Care Clinic, Pharmacy, Doctor Group, and Nurses, that we call the Our Healing Mosaic.

To learn how to better activate your Healing Mosaic, call me, Mike Frank, at 330-354-1472 or email at



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