mindd.jpgMaureen Cooper

Kiki: Did you know that daydreaming is self-hypnosis?

Kuku: I daydream all the time, my teachers used to say I stared a lot.

Kiki: Do you remember what you were thinking?

Kuku: Yes, this time of year it was always about the Browns winning a Super Bowl.

Kiki: Well, that is more fantasy and delusion than daydreaming. Ha-ha-ha.

Actually Kuku, daydreaming is very close to what we have been discussing earlier- re-establishing the connection between mind and heart before sleep.

Kuku: Is it as effective?

Kiki: Research indicates that the subconscious door is more open before sleep, but daydreaming is also very powerful.

Kuku: Should I abandon the Brown’s Super Bowl thoughts?

Kiki: I would say absolutely, because there is a mass consciousness that alters large-scale events. I recommend working on a smaller scale event that your mind can more easily manage.

Kuku: Is that why it is so hard to win the lottery? So many are competing for exactly the same result?

Kiki: For a single result like an amount of money, yes, it is very difficult. Nevertheless, if everyone focused collectively on peace, love, joy, forgiveness, compassion, wisdom etc…, it can be attained.

Kuku: Well then, how should I daydream?

Kiki: Remember, daydreaming is really just another way of imagining. Therefore, it is best to daydream about only the results you desire, and never about potential negative results.

Kuku: But that takes effort, Kiki!

Kiki: Yes, it requires effort, but struggling requires effort too. When we begin managing our daydreaming, our staring, our hoping, and wishing, we are organizing the unseen Quantum Field allowing results to show up with ease and grace. When making the resolution to consciously imagine before sleeping, and shepherding our daydreaming to only conditions we want, a shift occurs, accelerating the manifestation of our fondest desires!

Kuku: Wow, that is a huge shift!

Kiki: And you will love every minute of it.


Within ourselves, we have been given a private Health Care Clinic, Pharmacy, Doctor Group, and Nurses, that we call the Our Healing Mosaic.

To learn how to better activate your Healing Mosaic call me, Mike Frank, at 330-354-1472 or e-mail at

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