Flea Fly

Kuku: When I was younger, I learned this tongue twister: A flea and a fly in a flue, were imprisoned so what could they do? Said the fly, “Let us flee”, said the flea, “Let us fly”, so they flew through a flaw in the flue.

Kiki: Haha, “datsa weel tong twithter.”

Kuku: Yep, it sure is.

Kiki: Do you know the spiritual meaning, Kuku?

Kuku: Yes, a stinking fly and a biting flea escaped to torment other creatures.

Kiki: Ponder this Kuku; we are all imprisoned souls in our bodies much like the flea and the fly. We free ourselves by making choices. Our “Will” determines the path we take by making good choices or not.


Kuku: But the flea and the fly were lucky, they did not make a choice, they escaped by luck.

Kiki: Maybe yes, but we humans have a choice to consciously create by taking the high road in our life or to mis-create by taking a lower road. Why would we ever want to live by chance?

Kuku: So by escaping, the fly and the flea were not lucky?

Kiki: They escaped, right?

Kuku: But luck is soooo iffy, how is that spirituality?

Kiki: A better way than living by luck or fate is for us to partner with Divinity, it always “conspires to meet our desires.”

Kuku: How?

Kiki: The way of the mortal world can be such incompleteness, chaos, struggle, and craziness. Conceivably, it is the flaw in the flue- using the metaphor from the rhyme. When we consciously reconnect with our inner divinity, we begin seeing only good, feeling only good, and experiencing only good. By doing so, we could be creating heaven on earth.

Kuku: I thought we were waiting for heaven.

Kiki: What if Heaven is waiting for us to create paradise here?

Kiki: Consider this Kuku, by consciously and continuously venturing within, and counseling the magnificence of our higher self/soul/divinity, we might: “flee from our flaws, and fly through our fears, because the spirit is the nature of you!”

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