Frogs and Snakes

Kiki, speaking to Kuku: Alarmed by their dwindling numbers caused by predatory snakes, one frog sought advice from the wise owl. “What can we do?”, begged the frog. The owl responded, “When a snake approaches, just fly away”. Satisfied with the owl’s instructions, the frog began hopping back to its pond. Along the way, a snake approached, pounced on the frog, and began to swallow it. “Sorry little frog”, screeched the owl, I deal in concepts, not in reality”.

Kuku: That is a depressing tale, what does it mean to us?

Kiki: It means we must be wary of what we choose to believe.

Kuku: But the silly frog did not have any wings so it could not fly- that was its fault.

Kiki: We receive all kinds of information in our daily lives that conceptually sound good, but in reality, cannot help us.

Kuku: For instance?

Kiki: Like getting involved in life’s dramas and then becoming afraid, angry, or anxious.

Kuku: For instance? Come on Kiki, please get to the point!

KIK: Each of us has twenty-four hours a day, just like everyone else. However, there are predatory snakes stealing your precious time each day. Our culture encourages “flying away” from our problems through the use of TV, news, food, sex, sports, gambling, money, drink, drugs and the like.

This dwindling number of frogs represents the diminishing hours we have left; with each lost day, there is less time to fulfill our life’s meaning and purpose. Each breath we take on this magnificent planet is sacred. Each minute allows the potential for our uniqueness to come forth. It is a journey with far too many distractions.

Kuku: Interesting point of view, by the way, did you see the Brown’s game Sunday, what a shame! Poor Browns Fans.

Kiki: Oh my goodness Kuku, tick tock… tick tock… tick tock…

persistance of serpents

“Persistence of Serpents” – Bill Flowers

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