Just Be

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Today, I almost wrote this blog’s title as “Just Be-ing”, the perfect state of consciousness.

‘Just Be’ is a biblical statement, re-counted by Moses in the Old Testament as the ultimate way of living.

Is “Just Be” material wealth, power, prestige, knowledge, and worldly accomplishments?

Or, Just Be-ing?

In the journey toward Just Being-ness, I have found it helpful to repeat the following statement for better living:

“All life comes to me with ease, and joy, [and grace,] and glory”. This is a hybrid statement, partly quoted by Access Consciousness and by adding the word grace to it.

Saying this statement ten times, at least twice a day, (I say it immediately upon waking in the morning and when I am about to go to sleep at night) will help everything in your life steer toward the Good.

“All life comes to me with ease and joy and grace and glory.”

So now, after reading my past two blogs, you are armed with two compelling questions: “What else is possible? How does it get any better than this?”; and, a powerful, life altering affirmation: “All life comes to me with ease, and joy, and grace, and glory.”

Armed with these, you can make your life the changes you wish to see in the world, as Gandhi dictates.

Within ourselves, we been given a private Health Care Clinic, Pharmacy, Doctor Group, and Nurses, that we call the Our Healing Mosaic.

To learn how to better activate your Healing Mosaic call me, Mike Frank, at 330-354-1472 or e-mail at mfrank6@neo.rr.com.

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