Reflection Of


Remember the last time you were insulted or belittled?  How did you react?

Usually, we react by defending, dismissing, disengaging, retaliating, arguing or any multitude of negative reactions.

Recently, I was publicly insulted, but I ignored the comments. Later on my drive home, I blew up and let the person “have it”.

Imagine how I was alone in my car arguing, defending my honor, and hurling insults at that person in my mind. Thank goodness, no one heard one word of my ranting and venting.

However, someone did hear it- My Self.

This is not my personality self, but my higher Self, my Soul.

In my fourteen years as a wellness facilitator, I have become well versed in our need for balance in the body, mind, and spirit to enjoy good health. That means even though the above scenario was only in my mind, nevertheless, I mentally, physically, and spiritually hurt myself.

The principle of reflection offers: change only yourself. Life is a mirror where we find ourselves reflected in the people around us.

We honor ourselves most when we bless our enemies and forgive them, which seems simple in principle, but is difficult to perform. I know I learned a lesson about my big fat ego; it always wants to protect me, but in the end, its tactics hurt me.

As Wane Dyer describes, the definition of ego is Edging God Out.

Many spiritual teachers instruct that taming the ego opens the road to wisdom.

Perhaps the best manner of taming the ego is to “Bless your enemy and…rob him of his ammunition….” (Florence Shovel Shinn).

After all, when we are screaming at somebody in our mind, who is the real Dumbo-head?


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