More Keys to Happiness

IMG_7328.JPGThe remaining keys to happiness as stated by Deepak Chopra are:

• Total self-knowledge knowing who you are, why you are here, and what you want.

• Don’t judge others or yourself. This leads to creating the very thing you do not want. Remember, what you focus on expands so avoid the three C’s of  Criticizing, Condemning, and Complaining.

• Remove toxins from your life. This includes mental, emotional, and environmental toxins. (This is the area my business excels in helping its clients)

• Replace fear with love. There are only two primary emotions, love and fear. Which you chose as a part of you emotional base, determines the quality of your life.

• Cultivate witnessing awareness. Deepak suggests that you must be aware that you are NOT your body and to be mindful of how the mind and body when in balance, work together.

I hope that you enjoyed the Ten Keys to Happiness. I am looking for clients that want changes for healthier, happier, more abundant life.

Attaining your goals are not a secret but a deliberate path of creating what you want instead of mis-creating what you don’t want!

Make sense?

By the way, how is your appreciation “pact” going? See the blog on  Appreciation is the Bridge to Happiness

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