Appreciation is the Bridge from Fear to Happiness

I’ve mentioned this wonderful saying in past blogs and I believe it’s appropriate to mention it again to refresh our memory,
“What you focus on expands.”

When we appreciate anything we are blessing it and expanding the love in our hearts. Wouldn’t we live in a better world if we all sought out ways to be appreciative in our lives?

It’s easy to complain about our chaotic world yet every time we complain, justify, and blame, we are verbally creating an atmosphere of fear. Fear is a stress accelerator. Appreciation, however, soothes the ego and serves as an emotional tonic for our body by reducing stress.

Appreciation is Emotional Generosity.
Your Generosity extends not only to the receiver but also to you, the giver.

Studies show that even observing an act of generosity reduces stress in the observer even if witnessed from a distance. This suggests that watching our wretched news media blasting and constantly creating/reporting so much negativity has an intensely detrimental effect on our mood and our health. Why then do we watch the news?

If “what we focus on expands”, it would make sense to be lavish in our praise and appreciation of everything we see and experience. Wouldn’t you agree, we should consider loving everything, thereby extending love in our thoughts, feeling, and actions?

Could this change the world one loving thought, feeling, and action at a time?
Let’s make a pact, henceforth we shall be more appreciative and see things from a more positive perspective.

Henry David Thoreau wisely wrote: “It’s not what you look at that matters it’s what you see.”

With our new attitude of persistent appreciation, we are changing the world one loving thought, feeling, and action at a time!

Can you appreciate that?

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