The Law of Belief

TThe functioning of the Law of Belief can best be explained as the Law of Attraction or that “Like attracts Like”.

The Law states: As you believe, so it becomes for you.

Written differently as in Mathew 21:22 rsv  “Whatever you ask in prayer, you will receive, if you have faith”.

What do you believe?

Remember the T. Harv Eker’s observation about why people cannot get what they want? Harv says it is because most people don’t know what they want!

Did you ever wonder why most people don’t know what they want; perhaps it is because they don’t believe they can get what they want? Where is their faith?

Inside of everyone, there is a struggle between fear and love, unity and separation. Every moment, we need to discipline our mind by deciding whether we want loving thoughts or fearful thoughts. 

 To take this a step further, the story we decide to tell ourselves and the story we believe about the world defines/creates our life. The story we formulate in our mind, our feelings, and our words, create our beliefs. Our beliefs trigger the Law of Attraction, Like Attracts Like. You will therefore, become what your think about, feel about, and speak about.

We always get what we believe, every time without fail. That is why I asked; what do you believe? We must choose wisely about what to believe!

Our LIFE depends on it!

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