Please Remember This!

One more nugget regarding the Law of Balance.
Balance has four broad components in our lives. They are:
1. Interchanges with our environment
2. Interchanges with others
3. Interchanges with ourselves
4. Interchanges with Creative Forces

Environment: Everyone knows that our planet is sick from people, corporations and governments neglecting the environment. Fortunately, there is a faint light of hope that future generations will live more balanced and responsible lifestyles regarding our habitat. Simply stated, if mother earth is out of balance, all life is out of balance with her.

Others: As we act in love, joy, peace, and kindness, the effects of Spirit are extended and expanded to all life. We balance our exchanges with others by sharing the grace within ourselves to individuals and groups. We can see this occurring in many of the positive organizations giving service within our communities.

Ourselves: We are 100% responsible for keeping balance within our own being. We do this by balancing ourselves mentally, physically and spiritually. Balancing ourselves is a journey of continuous progress because life is constantly changing and we therefore must grow with changes. Meditation and prayer can stabilize our mind, body, and spirit for balancing purposes.

Creative Forces: This is about working within. “The Kingdom of Heaven is within”, suggests becoming heart centered and “seeking first the spirit within” has been written in so many of these blogs about how to take the high road in decision making. Creative Forces are everywhere, do you really thing space is empty? Balancing yourself as a spiritual being is critical in establishing a positive experience in our life’s journey!

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