The Greatest Choice

The last blog defined the Law of Balance as All Exchanges Balance. When creating balance, making the Greatest Choice greatly facilitates the blending of the Mind, Body, and Feelings. Did you correctly guess the Greatest Choice as “Seeking first the Spirit within”?
Remember, the master Law of Attunement is always testing us to choose the high road or the low road. The high road is searching your heart for answers to life’s challenges. Herein lies the spirit, in the heart, the love center of the body.
When in meditation, as you slow the breathing, bring your focus to the heart center and ask the Spirit within for answers to your questions.
I have found that these questions directed to my heart work best. What else is possible? Or, how does it get any better than this? Try this when meditating and you will experience positive solutions! Each question is “asking the Spirit (with faith) and you shall receive”. Then wait… Let Spirit bring you the right people, the right circumstances, in the right time, for the right results!
Full definition of the Greatest Choice: Seek first the Spirit within and you shall find, Ask the spirit with FAITH, and you shall receive, and Knock with FAITH in the spirit and you shall receive”. Keep meditating using this formula and you will create/receive all that you wish.

Therefore, the Greatest Choice is freedom to choose the high road. In all its simplicity and grace, the Spirit only asks “Will you be my people”?
Will you take the high road? Are you too busy being in this world seeking its pleasures?
It is your choice!
If you tend to gravitate to the low road, ask yourself, how’s it going? Perhaps it is time to make the GREATEST CHOICE.
Stay Tuned!

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