The Law of Balance

The Law of Balance is important because it involves all three bodies and requires a state of equilibrium.

A state of equilibrium is attained when we have health on the physical level, joy on the spiritual level, and fulfillment on the mental level. How many of us have accomplished that feat?

Balance is having all aspects of our lives mind, feelings, and body working in a manner that brings the greatest good for all.

The Law of Balance is simply stated: All Exchanges Balance! What a brilliantly simple definition.

IMG_7193The Law of Balance is built on the prevailing nature of our universe, which of course, is Love. The law states all interchanges in our lives are equal exchanges that will eventually balance.
What the heck does that mean? It means if we ignore making exchanges with life based on love, the universe will make changes for us, at our expense. Call it Karma if you wish but it’s really the Law of Balance.

We can design a wonderful future by living in cooperation with love and thereby creating a life of joy, health, and fulfillment. However, if we choose to ignore being loving in our encounters with life, the Law of Balance brings an equal exchange resulting in troubles in our life.

Doesn’t it make sense to bring about positive exchanges with everyone and everything? Perhaps when we slip and make mistakes forgiveness is the great equalizer making All Exchanges Balance toward the positive.

Keeping our mind, body, and feelings (spirit) in balance is best accomplished by living a loving, joyful, & peaceful life. It all begins with a decision to make the Greatest Choice before all exchanges.
Remember the Greatest Choice? It all works together….

Next Blog = The Greatest Choice—–stay tuned

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