Three are the Bodies – Blog IV

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week!

In the last blog, I asked if you could identify the single best method of creating your desired results while maintaining a healthy balance in your daily life. The choices were diet, exercise, meditation, prayer, self-analysis, rest, vacation, church, work, & family.

Did you choose wisely?silhouette-67195_640

If you chose meditation, you would be correct. For those of you shocked it wasn’t prayer or another, remember all the others need to be united with the three to move your mountains and meditation does it best.

Meditation is a prayer, it is a mental exercise, and it works in conjunction with the body. Does that make sense?

Meditation offers the greatest chance of balancing the Mind, Feelings (Spirit), and the Body. Meditation requires slowing down and venturing inward to the Kingdom of Heaven. To meditate you must “Be still, and Know God”.

Do you know how to meditate properly?

There are many ways, some better than others. Meditation can be the strongest answer to your fondest desires.

Please remember that all choices are good. But my teachers always taught that there is good, better and best. Shouldn’t we always choose the best?

Balance is always the key to a healthy mind, body, and spirit. Did you know there is Universal Law of Balance?  Stay tuned for our next blog.

The Law of Balance works “hand in glove” with the Law of Belief where nothing is impossible!

If you want to learn ways to meditate that are life changing call me at Frank Personal Development LLC  for an appointment—330-354-1472

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