Three are the Bodies –Part III

“Three are the bodies of the sons and daughters of man, they are Mind, Feelings, and Body. When these three are as one you can say to the mountain move and the mountain will move.”

In the last blog we explained many aspects of the above (see past blogs) and we asked if you might be able to figure the answer to: T + F + A = R

The formula means Thoughts + Feelings + Action = Results


I first heard the formula from T. Harv Eker who wrote the book Secrets of the Millionaire Mind.

Isn’t this formula simply a different version of the above opening statement?

I look at the Capulet as a unity consciousness within the bodies that supercharges the divine within us. Yes, even making us millionaires.

Results in the formula are “Saying to the mountain move, and the mountain moves”. Of course, the mountain represents our worries, challenges, our goals, and our problems that we incur in our lives.

I have studied different methods of uniting the big three in our lives and they might be surprising. Some are meditation, prayer, diet, exercise, self-analysis, rest, vacation, work, church, and family.

One of the methods is far superior to any of the others in creating results and balancing our life. Which do you think works best?

Careful, it might be a bit tricky☺

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