Balancing the Big Three – Part II

I hope that you read the previous blog regarding the big three Thought, Feeling, and Body.

I wonder if the ancients saw Thought, Feeling, and Body working together as the Wholly Trinity. Doesn’t it make sense from a holistic approach this is possible?

Thought is often referred to as Father Thought, Feelings are referred to as the (Spirit of) Divine Feminine and the body referred to as the Christ child consciousness within our vessel. Father/ Spirit/ Son

All beginnings are with thought, first comes thought and therefore the Father is the point of all creation in our lives, Father Thought.

Second, are Feelings and it follows that a thought becoming charged creates an e-motion (energy in motion) which is a feeling.  Feelings are the Yin (feminine) and feeling always follow the Yang (masculine) thoughts.

Could it be that bible references of Male dominance in the Home (body) is simply suggesting Thought (male)comes first,  followed by Feeling (female) in the home/temple (body)?  

If Thought is first, then it follows that thoughts are like little seeds in our mind? If thoughts are seeds and they become charged in the body becoming feelings, then when “the three become one you can move mountains.”

The Bible story Faith of the Mustard Seed illustrates the point.  In Matthew 17:20 it states:

“…if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to the mountain move from here to there, and it will move. Nothing will be impossible to you.” NIV

Could thoughts married to feeling become faith?

It works like this: T + F + A = R

Can anybody figure out what this means? Hint the  T = thought—the formula is from T. Harv Eker.

The answer is in the next blog.

Stay Tuned!

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