Balancing the Big Three

Long before Jesus came, an ancient saying was studied and debated from the Kabbalah. It goes as follows:

“Three are the dwellings of the sons and daughters of man they are thought, feeling and body. When these three become one, you can say to the mountain move and the mountain will move.”

The coming blogs we will be providing in the next weeks discuss the Big Three; Mind, Feelings, and Body, and how working together in harmony they can be healing cogs or perhaps when disjointed, they become healing clogs in your life experience.

Question—What do you imagine are the mountains referenced in the above proverb?

Is the phrase “you can move mountains” suggesting real mountains are being moved or are the mountains simply a metaphor?

How can we attain the balance in our lives bringing Thought, Feeling and Body together as one?

How can we acquire the health, wealth, and happiness we want in this crazy, chaotic world by making the Big Three function as one?

Hint: Our World, the wonderful planet earth, is actually a quantum field that doesn’t respond to what you want but responds  TO WHOM WE ARE BEING.

Stay Tuned!

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