Spring cleaning –What’s in your body? Part 2

If you have animals in your home you might consider parasite cleaning at least twice a year. (see previous blog) I explain to my clients that our bodies are pretty much a hotel for parasites.

And remember, parasites are everywhere! They’re in the food, on the grass, on the toilets, in the restaurants and their food of choice is sugar. Do you have a strong desire for sweets? If you do it could be caused by parasitic hormones left by the little buggers influencing you to eat what they like.

When I was studying the Naturopathic philosophy, my teacher claimed that possibly all sickness was at some level caused by the poisons left by parasites. Yes, there are entire books written about this!

All parasites leave a waste that is a deadly poison to our body and its organs. This poison is usually referred to as a mycotoxin. To manage the parasite population in your “five star hotel” requires two months of easy, mild cleansing at least twice per year. Two months is needed to kill the adults and their offspring. Yes, the adults lay eggs in your body so the second month terminates the young and the eggs.

Really, they lay eggs? Yes hundreds of thousands of them each month! That is why you really ought to “manage the herd”. You’ll always have parasites and a lot of them but keeping the parasite population in check is vital to good health and sound mind.

I know this all sounds yuckie but this is a fact; if you don’t stop the proliferation of the parasites in your body, they will literally stop you!

Call me at 330-354-1472 for more information on cleansing!

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