Spring Cleaning – What’s in your Body?

  • A few weeks back I wrote about the flu being a very effective cleaner for the body! Do we really need colds, and flu’s and sickness to clean our body? The answer is yes, especially if we aren’t cleansing. In days of old, the practice was very common to cleanse in the spring and the autumn. This was necessary to prepare the body for the burdens of the winter and being indoors around people and our pets!

Our pets are so nice to have around the house but remember, they are animals and if they live with you in your house, you must parasite cleanse twice a year to keep your body healthy. If you are around them like on a farm, cleanse at least once a year.
Parasites are little critters that not only eat your vitamins and nutrients but their waste is a deadly toxin to your body. And they grow exponentially each month in side your little hotel/body.
How often do you clean your home to keep it clean? Do you have pets? Are you cleansing twice a year? How bad did the flu bug bite you this year?
Frank Personal Development has herbal and homeopathic cleansers that can help your body stay healthier and keep feeling better. 330-354-1472
Remember we all have parasites, but some of you have a lot more than others.
What’s in your body?

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