Manifesting Your Heart’ s Desire

Step 3 in manifesting your heart’s desire is, knock with faith in the spirit and the door will be opened up unto you.

So what is knocking? knocking is persistence! You keep knocking, keep pursuing with faith and action. Everyone knows persistence is essential when taking inspired action. But there’s more to just persistence. We must accept that faith in the guidance of Spirit will take us to the best outcome for all involved.

Sometimes the path you’ve been taking requires letting go of preconceived outcomes and trusting in the path spirit is guiding us towards. sand-768783_1920

Sometimes we get so caught up in the end results of our goals and dreams we forget the value of the journey. Life is about becoming and being.  The journey is just as valuable as getting to our destination.
I’ve hopefully provided you with a better way of getting your desired results! Any comments?

There are others, but that may require a session or a series of sessions to un-learn our thinking and habits.

Call 330-354-1472 to schedule a session.

Next blog – About the Mind…

Until next time, make it a great day!

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