Seeking and Finding Easier and More Effective.

Step 2 – Of Practical Divine Guidance, “ask the spirit with faith and you shall receive.” So now we have two laws of guidance to manifestation or should we say manna-festation?

The first is.

1 – Seek first the spirit within and you shall find

2- Ask the spirit with faith and you shall receive.

We are the fruits of the Spirit called Faith. Faith is the single understanding that a higher power is working in and through us to teach us our lessons. One of the divine lessons is “creating.” Well, aren’t we daughters and sons of God? When I was younger a wonderful teacher told me, “the supernatural works in and through the natural.” Wow, is that reassuring? Doesn’t that help you to take action with confidence knowing we’ve got infinite assistance?

Isn’t faith just knowing I already have it? Try it – you’ll find a flow and harmony within your being, and a quiet confidence will glow about you, and be felt by everyone around you!

Next blog, stay tuned – That is where you “take it home.” If it’s meant to be it’s up to ye – with the help of our inner spirit friends.

Until next time, make it a great day!

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