Seeking and NOT Finding?

toa-heftiba-183785For those of you who know me, I’m always stating that the mind is the key to healing the body and to becoming more spiritual. Indeed, the key is the connection of body/mind/spirit harmony.

So why don’t we have all the results to our seeking? It’s nonsense to say it’s not God’s will (I can provide wonderful, spiritual arguments to persuade¬†otherwise.) So why don’t we get the things we seek?

First, the Universal Law says, “seek first the spirit within, and you shall find.” The Law of Guidances conversely says, “seek and you shall find.” The Universal Laws of Guidance work without ever failing so perhaps when you seek and wait, and seek some more, and don’t get your desired results… your seeking is flawed!

Einstein said and I quote: “problems cannot be solved by the same mind that created them.” So if you’re not seeking a higher consciousness to assist in seeking you will, “seek and ye shall not find.” How are you seeking? If you want better results, I can show you a better way – 330-354-1472.

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