Worst flu ever?

Was this the worst flu bug ever? So many of my clients and especially the newer ones weren’t able to shake this flu for weeks and sometimes months. I am very fortunate as I’m trained in ways of stopping flu’s, colds, and other short-term illnesses before they take hold and knock me down.

What if (short-term) illnesses are useful to the body? I have a theory that might surprise you. The “flu bug” is a cleaner! Yes, it is actually the spring/winter/fall cleanser for the body. While it’s so annoying to get sick – the body needs regular cleaning to avoid deeper, more devastating illnesses or diseases. Let’s face it, our accumulated stress is a huge load for our body. Yet we also live in a world where our basic essentials life water, food, air, and thoughts are compromised by pollution. Consequently, the body needs to release those pollutants and clean itself.

Why would we ever want to stop the flu? Best practice is to continually cleanse the body and mind. More on this in the next blog – Spring Cleaning!

Until next time, make it a great day.

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