Changing my mind to see Peace

Looking back I wrote that the blueprint of your destiny is decided essentially by two perceptions.

  1. How you see yourself
  2. How you see the world


Let’s start with yourself. Viewing yourself as the divine being you are, requires UN-LEARNING, unlearning the garbage you’ve collected in your mind.

Remember, if you don’t control your computer (mind), somebody else will.


Think about the lock screens on your phone and computer. Each time your access your device you need to enter a password so the information you store is protected and secure. Why not protect your mind? Do this by tuning out the world and tuning into spirit and peace.

We allow too many outside influences to program our computer (mind). Why would we let this happen? Because there are less loving beings that want us to behave in manners that benefit them!

Control your computer or something/somebody else will. 

Step One: decide, with discernment what you choose to believe.

Step Two: Decide you are the one putting the thoughts in your mind and it begins with putting love, joy, and peace in your mind.

An example I choose today to think, feel, and speak loving thoughts.

More steps to create Peace of Mind and a healthy self-view and health view of the world will be in the next blog.

Suggestion: Say to yourself – I can see peace instead of…

Until next time, make it a great day!

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