The Minds Eye

photo-1414775838024-666765beb5d9When I’m with my clients I always ask them, “what do you see with?” Invariably they reply, “with my eyes,” but is that true? And the answer is NO! We don’t see with our eyes, next guess? how about with our heart? Nope! We don’t see with our eyes or our heart.

The answer is – we see with our mind (actually the visual cortex of our brain, but we’ll discuss the differences in a later blog).

If you don’t believe me answer this question – when you’re sleeping your eyes are closed yet you dream and “see images” – so, we don’t truly see with our eyes, they are input devices. Our eyes input images and our visual cortex puts the images together. Our mind then, based on conditioning puts labels on the images, like a dog, glass, man, ugly, light, color, etc..

Please ponder this spiritually healing request heard in many churches – give me the eyes to see… What does that mean? Any reply on this? why is it true then that we “see” according to our judgments?

Why do judgments ruin our health?

Until next time dear ones, have a great day -no, let’s make it a great day.

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