The Impact of Love


I hope you are enjoying the mental gymnastics regarding the two questions that form the attitude and habits of your life story!

So as promised what is the answer to what are we here to do? How did you answer this in your mind? Remember, it’s not about accumulating stuff, winning in sports, or promotions at work, etc… It’s about this: we are here to extend and expand LOVE. That’s it, ok see you later…


We are here to extend and expand love to all life, everyone, and everything. We are here to make life better, bigger, faster, juicier, etc…

Love, do you know what it is? Follow your feelings – Got love? That’s the answer folks – this answer is the whole enchilada when applied to your health! Your view about yourself and the world is the barometer for healthy – happy living, so how are you doing? Got Love? Are you doing the E.E.? (that’s extending and expanding it to everything). All are one – “all that I do, I do unto myself.”

What’s in your heart? Believe me, it affects what’s in your wallet, and your body, and your mind, and your spirit and…

Until then, make it a great day!

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