Today’s blog I’m going to discuss “belief” and how what you believe about yourself and the world has a profound effect on your health, wealth, & happiness.

So what is belief? Simply stated, a belief is just something you think over and over and over again.

So is your belief true? Sure, to the extent that it’s locked into your perception as being true. If you keep thinking about a belief, it’s only true to the extent that it’s your perception. What?

Ok, let’s go back to the first blog. I asked you to ponder who are you? What was your answer? Think about your view of yourself, is it true? Or is it your perception of yourself based on labels you picked up and thought about over and over and over again? Are you cute, pretty, sad, happy, perky, a bully, a bi-o-ch, etc… all these labels are not who you are.

So who are you, want the truth? You are a perfect child of God. If you don’t “buy” my definition of who you are, then please re-read what is a BELIEF. If you don’t believe you are a perfect child of God, then you’ve been fed labels that harm your body/mind/spirit connection. YOU ARE A PERFECT CHILD OF GOD.

In my practice/business as a health facilitator I always stress – We have to UN-LEARN so much here on the earth plane! Can you UN-LEARN the garbage you’ve been fed about who you are?

Until next time, make it a great day!

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