My First Blog – Finally!

Who are you? What are you here to do?

It is my intention to write short blogs that express my belief in holistic living. Warning! I have strong opinions on the mental, physical, & spiritual aspects of life.

So let’s begin!

I have two questions I pose to my clients in order to understand them better. The first is: Who are you? How would you answer this questions? Most give me their name, but that is what we call you. It’s your name, it’s not who you are…So, ponder this; who are you?

The second question is: what are you here to do? Please, don’t answer that we’re here to “work.” We’ll discuss more in my next blog about those two important questions and how your perception of the answers affect your health, wealth, and happiness.

Until then, make it a great day!


You are Christmas

In previous blogs, I shared that my favorite teacher was a priest I had my sophomore year in high school. My teacher was funny, brilliant, and dare I say radical for those times.

He constantly told us that the Bible was didactic, meaning bible stories were teaching important life lessons when using eyes to see and ears to hear for discernment of their meaning.

Fair enough for me, but still I wondered, where is my truth in the bible stories that so many take as the literal truth?

In the spirit of searching for truth and free choice, I am going to ask you to ponder a sacred religious story that may have far deeper meanings.

Our story is about the Nativity, the birth Jesus.


Imagine that we are the shepherds, watching our flock of sheep, representing our thoughts.

The stable with the animals represents our body and our physical nature.

The Inn, symbolizes our EGO where there is no room for the spirit of light, or higher consciousness, because we are so busy with worldly matters, (the inn was filled, EGO = edging God out)

The star represents the higher light from our pineal gland, our seeing eye.

Wise men signify our spiritual thoughts that come from the right side of our brain.

Virgin birth signifies that, with pure consciousness, we create the birthing of our Christ-mas story in our life (or not).

In reality, all the above can and will happen when, instead of reading, watching, and singing the nativity story, we become the story.

Jesus is the way, our teacher; we follow his example to become Christ like.

Bringing forth the Christ consciousness into our daily life, then, creates our real Christmas.

You are Christmas!


Within ourselves, we have been given a private Health Care Clinic, Pharmacy, Doctor Group, and Nurses, that we call the Our Healing Mosaic.

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Santa Claus is an Inside Job

Rote Pille

To understand that Santa Claus is alive and well, you must venture inward, into our brain. You will need to understand the anatomy of the brain and perhaps do some of your own researching. Do not worry, I will give you a suggested website to ease your search.

The Claustrum (Santa Claus) is located (where He lives) as part of the Cortex; it is at the very top of our body (the North Pole).

The Claustrum is surrounded by White Matter (snow) in the brain. Directly next to it is the External and the Extreme Capsule, which coincidentally, resembles a sleigh. Santa’s Sleigh?

Even stranger, the Claustrum is considered on an island, in the Insular Cortex. Is this Santa’s island?

Looking laterally at the Claustrum you can find the Putamen, (the name comes from Latin putare, meaning “to consider or to think”) and it looks just like Santa’s Cap.

Do you believe in coincidences? Folks, how could I make this up!

There is more.

The Putamen is connected to the Substantia Nigra (Latin “black substance”) and as well you know, if we are naughty, we will get a lump a coal. Seems the Substantia Nigra is involved with regulating feel-good chemicals and their opposite.

How do the chemicals get to us? Down through the spine, which is Santa’s chimney! He brings toys, (the feel-good chemicals), or to the naughty, a Lump of coal (not so good feeling chemicals).

The cells in the Claustrum have a unique characteristic; all neurons perform the same function. (Are these the elves working for Santa)?

Perhaps no one has ever seen the real Santa Claus(trum) because Santa lives inside of us.

Is it any wonder Claustrum, the good feeling secreting oil, evolved to the Saint Claustrum, Santa Claustrum, to Santa Claus?

Are you beginning to believe in the real Santa?

If you wish to see more and find some visual charts, visit the following website:

Next blog will prove that Christmas is inside of you too.


Within ourselves, we have been given a private Health Care Clinic, Pharmacy, Doctor Group, and Nurses, that we call the Our Healing Mosaic.

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Santa is Alive and Well


Beginning Friday, I am will reveal the arguments that Santa is alive and well, living within our own bodies.

Long before it became popular only a few hundred years ago, the lore of Santa Claus was passed down from generation to generation. The ancients believed that certain chemicals, created by the brain, were sacred and gave unique gifts to our body.

And no, we are not talking about serotonin, dopamine, and the like. This chemical is far more potent and mostly unknown.

Hence, it is Santa.  I will describe the elves, the sleigh, the reindeer, and the entire Santa Claus story that is occurring right now, inside of you.

Have you been good or bad? Find out how you are getting presents or a lump of coal.

I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

We will discuss on Friday! Ho ho ho…, hold on Lizabeth, I think I see Santa!

How was your Thanksgiving?


I love Thanksgiving! Those who know me, recognize that I love food, and after last week, it shows.

I believe eating can be a celebration, given the hungry and starving in our world.

I am grateful for the preciousness of life.

I am thankful for my family.

I appreciate prosperity and generosity.

I am thankful for the kindness and love so many have shown me.

I am thankful for you who are reading these words.

I am thankful that all life comes to us with ease, joy, grace, and glory, bringing health, wealth, love and perfect self-expression.

I endeavor to keep celebrating thanksgiving and remembering to share how fortunate we are to be here, now, in this moment, creating a life that is better and better.

Thank you!


Within ourselves, we have been given a private Health Care Clinic, Pharmacy, Doctor Group, and Nurses, that we call the Our Healing Mosaic.

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Thanksgiving Gratefulness Suggestions

thanks.jpgBailey Paige Photography

Hi everyone, with the Thanksgiving Holiday just around the corner I thought I would share gratefulness and acknowledgement ideas.

Begin, or dust off, your gratitude journal writing statements like: I am so grateful, thankful, and happy for _________ (feeling as grateful as possible while writing).

Count your Blessings by making a list of your top ten blessings.

Wake up each morning by first saying Thank You!

State or write your top ten desires and say Thank You, imagining your feelings as if you already experienced them.

Pick out three people who really made a difference in your life and thank them by spoken word, a card, letter, or any appropriate manner.

Most importantly, thank yourself for your significance as an infinite being, creating more love, joy, peace, abundance, compassion, and forgiveness in our magical world.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Answering the Call to be Sick

Have you noticed that we are living in a culture that programs us for sickness?

drugs2.jpgJason Hoffman & Thrillist

Consider this: if the mother of learning is repetition, then the continuous barrage of media-driven drug-advertisements programs our population to take drugs.

Indeed, special interests have created a drug culture by promoting, encouraging, and profiting from sickness and drug consumption.

Commercials asking if you have received your flu shot subliminally suggest you will get the flu without a shot.

When a person gets depressed, anxious, or is in pain, we are encouraged to ask our doctors for a drug to make us “feel better.”

With our youth observing and listening to extensive drug advertisements, and then witnessing people medicating with legal drugs, why wouldn’t minors experiment using cheaper, stronger, and easily obtained illegal street drugs to feel better?

It is insane to believe that the war on drugs could ever be successful because the very fabric of our culture fosters taking piles of drugs to “feel better”. Most believe the marketing, and most doubt their own power to heal themselves.

Our Healing Mosaic was given to us, by grace, at birth, why aren’t we using it?

Why do we believe we lack the power to heal ourselves? After all, we are sons and daughters of Omnipotence, Omniscience, and Omnipresence!

The best prescription for health is: change your thoughts, feelings, words, and actions to lovingness, joyfulness, and peacefulness. Your Body must and will change accordingly!

We are always the change we seek!


Within ourselves, we have been given a private Health Care Clinic, Pharmacy, Doctor Group, and Nurses, that we call the Our Healing Mosaic.

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Reformatting Our Blog

Hi everyone! I hope that you have been enjoying our blogs. I have recently received feedback that, while the blog content is excellent, sometimes the dialog between Kiki and Kuku is hard to follow.

We are therefore considering suggestions on how to improve delivery of the message!

Please text me at 330-354-1472 with your feedback and ideas.

Best of Kuku

faith.jpgLife, Hope, and Truth

Kuku: Hi everyone, while I argue with Kiki occasionally, I have learned so much these the last months; for instance:

We need to catch up with our Good.

Your good always precedes you.

Today, I am working on seeing my good everywhere and in everything.

There is a divine plan of goodness for me, and for you.

The best thing I can do for the world is to make the most of myself.

We are immortal spirits and our body is just an earth suit. It has as nothing to do with the real me, the self.

I am thankful that I am learning my true value and honoring my worth.

I believe that Spirit will express itself in me and through me, if I let go and allow it.

Faith is an effort of the will.

We transform by changing and renewing our minds.

What man condemns in others, he attracts to himself. (This is a great lesson)

Regardless of how I feel or what others say, I am fully equipped for the divine plan of my life.

The simple rules of life are fearless faith, non-resistance, and loving goodwill.

The Four Square of life is health, wealth, love, and perfect self-expression (Scovel-Shin)

Keep up the great work and continue improving yourselves in the Good!



Within ourselves, we have been given a private Health Care Clinic, Pharmacy, Doctor Group, and Nurses, that we call the Our Healing Mosaic.

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Best of Kiki


Kiki: Hello everyone, when you are imaging, please keep these affirmations in mind:

Always imagine and expect the best!

Conflict cannot survive without your participation.

My thoughts are loving and positive.

I love and trust my imagination.

I picture abundance for others and myself.

I am thankful that I am increasingly magnetic to money, prosperity, and abundance.

There is an unlimited supply of everything good that I can imagine.

Fear is only excitement that forgot to breathe.

I can see peace in this situation instead.

I choose happiness today, I choose peace today, I choose success today, I choose right action today, I choose greatness today. I pour love, life, and emotion into these thoughts.

Meditation is what gets us started; habit is what keeps us going.

Wanting is a belief in not having

Be good to yourself, because you never outperform your own self-image.

Visualizing with feeling brings normalization of a potential real world experience, visualization without the support of feeling it, and believing it, brings fantasy.

Have a great week everyone, and keep meditating and programming your unconscious.



Within ourselves, we have been given a private Health Care Clinic, Pharmacy, Doctor Group, and Nurses, that we call the Our Healing Mosaic.

To learn how to better activate your Healing Mosaic, call me, Mike Frank, at 330-354-1472 or email at



Me Inc.

Kuku: Kiki, why are you focusing on yourself?

Kiki: I am focusing on the “Higher Self”, not the little self, the ego.

Let us review some truths: “There is no world apart from what you wish, herein lies your ultimate release, change but your mind and what you want to be, and all your world must change accordingly” (CIM – Course in Miracles).

Kuku: Hardly anyone believes that, Kiki

Kiki: So true, would this change minds? – “If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change” (Wayne Dyer).

Kuku: People believe things happen to them, Kiki.

Kiki: Yes, but it is the reverse.

Do you remember this? “When you change the way you see yourself and the world, the self and the world you see, changes” (David Cameron).

Kuku: Doesn’t that require a lot of faith?

Kiki: It requires fearless faith, Kuku. The world teaches fear, and we are constantly under conditioning to believe we are responders to world events. To believe the Truth, that we are the creators of our life movie/story, requires fearless faith.

cant do it.jpgNew Roads Behavioral Health

Kuku: What else is possible?

Kiki: Good question! The answer is to build your faith.

We have many purposes here in the earth plane; one of them is to teach ourselves that with God/Source/Spirit within us, all things are possible. It is the calling for letting go of the little ego self and reaching our Higher Spirit Self to guide us.

Kuku: Why is that soooo difficult?

Kiki: Because we are clinging to conditioned beliefs that outside forces control us by either hurting us or helping us.

Kuku: I am starting to understand we have control of our destiny.

Kiki: That is why we have been discussing “imagination management” during the day and “dream weaving” before sleep.

Kuku: How does it get any better than that?

Kiki: “By being the change you wish to see in the world” (Gandhi), then fearlessly extending and expanding it.