My First Blog – Finally!

Who are you? What are you here to do?

It is my intention to write short blogs that express my belief in holistic living. Warning! I have strong opinions on the mental, physical, & spiritual aspects of life.

So let’s begin!

I have two questions I pose to my clients in order to understand them better. The first is: Who are you? How would you answer this questions? Most give me their name, but that is what we call you. It’s your name, it’s not who you are…So, ponder this; who are you?

The second question is: what are you here to do? Please, don’t answer that we’re here to “work.” We’ll discuss more in my next blog about those two important questions and how your perception of the answers affect your health, wealth, and happiness.

Until then, make it a great day!


More Keys to Happiness

IMG_7328.JPGThe remaining keys to happiness as stated by Deepak Chopra are:

• Total self-knowledge knowing who you are, why you are here, and what you want.

• Don’t judge others or yourself. This leads to creating the very thing you do not want. Remember, what you focus on expands so avoid the three C’s of  Criticizing, Condemning, and Complaining.

• Remove toxins from your life. This includes mental, emotional, and environmental toxins. (This is the area my business excels in helping its clients)

• Replace fear with love. There are only two primary emotions, love and fear. Which you chose as a part of you emotional base, determines the quality of your life.

• Cultivate witnessing awareness. Deepak suggests that you must be aware that you are NOT your body and to be mindful of how the mind and body when in balance, work together.

I hope that you enjoyed the Ten Keys to Happiness. I am looking for clients that want changes for healthier, happier, more abundant life.

Attaining your goals are not a secret but a deliberate path of creating what you want instead of mis-creating what you don’t want!

Make sense?

By the way, how is your appreciation “pact” going? See the blog on  Appreciation is the Bridge to Happiness

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The Keys to Happiness

The keys to happiness as suggested by Deepak Chopra:
• Being mindful of your body and listening to the wisdom of your body. We need to understand that the body is part of the Field of Universal Intelligence.
• Live in the present moment.
• Embrace silence by meditating and practicing deliberate creating.
• Relinquish your need for external approval.
• Relinquish your anger or opposition.

These are the first five that I remember as I listened to Deepak’s seminar on The Happiness Prescription. There is of course, much more material but I’m going to allow everyone to absorb the first five suggestions and unveil the rest in another blog.

IMG_7289For this Fourth of July Holiday Weekend, why not focus on these Five Happiness Principles and make this your Happiest Holiday ever?

Happiness and an Attitude of Gratitude 

Just a quick diversion from the Ten Steps to happiness to share three common obstacles to an attitude of gratitude.

They are:

Fault Finding


Taking what you have for granted

I’d like you to explore the truth in that last statement, can you remember engaging in these obstacles and being happy? I know I can’t!

Happiness is a result of Gratitude you can’t have one without the other.

One of the Secrets I learned to starting a happier day is each morning writing down ten things I appreciate.

Each sentence begins like this: I am so happy, grateful, and thankful that….

I bought a green “one subject” notebook at Walmart and began filling it each day with things I appreciate and aspire to become true.


I am so happy, thankful, and grateful that my confidence grows every       day. 

 I am so thankful, happy, and grateful that I bless everyone and everyone blesses me.

I am so grateful, happy, and thankful that all life comes to me with ease, joy, and glory!

I can’t begin to tell you how many blessing arrive shortly after my daily gratitude writing.

Warning, only try this if you want more happiness created in your life!

Appreciation is the Bridge from Fear to Happiness

I’ve mentioned this wonderful saying in past blogs and I believe it’s appropriate to mention it again to refresh our memory,
“What you focus on expands.”

When we appreciate anything we are blessing it and expanding the love in our hearts. Wouldn’t we live in a better world if we all sought out ways to be appreciative in our lives?

It’s easy to complain about our chaotic world yet every time we complain, justify, and blame, we are verbally creating an atmosphere of fear. Fear is a stress accelerator. Appreciation, however, soothes the ego and serves as an emotional tonic for our body by reducing stress.

Appreciation is Emotional Generosity.
Your Generosity extends not only to the receiver but also to you, the giver.

Studies show that even observing an act of generosity reduces stress in the observer even if witnessed from a distance. This suggests that watching our wretched news media blasting and constantly creating/reporting so much negativity has an intensely detrimental effect on our mood and our health. Why then do we watch the news?

If “what we focus on expands”, it would make sense to be lavish in our praise and appreciation of everything we see and experience. Wouldn’t you agree, we should consider loving everything, thereby extending love in our thoughts, feeling, and actions?

Could this change the world one loving thought, feeling, and action at a time?
Let’s make a pact, henceforth we shall be more appreciative and see things from a more positive perspective.

Henry David Thoreau wisely wrote: “It’s not what you look at that matters it’s what you see.”

With our new attitude of persistent appreciation, we are changing the world one loving thought, feeling, and action at a time!

Can you appreciate that?

The Law of Belief

TThe functioning of the Law of Belief can best be explained as the Law of Attraction or that “Like attracts Like”.

The Law states: As you believe, so it becomes for you.

Written differently as in Mathew 21:22 rsv  “Whatever you ask in prayer, you will receive, if you have faith”.

What do you believe?

Remember the T. Harv Eker’s observation about why people cannot get what they want? Harv says it is because most people don’t know what they want!

Did you ever wonder why most people don’t know what they want; perhaps it is because they don’t believe they can get what they want? Where is their faith?

Inside of everyone, there is a struggle between fear and love, unity and separation. Every moment, we need to discipline our mind by deciding whether we want loving thoughts or fearful thoughts. 

 To take this a step further, the story we decide to tell ourselves and the story we believe about the world defines/creates our life. The story we formulate in our mind, our feelings, and our words, create our beliefs. Our beliefs trigger the Law of Attraction, Like Attracts Like. You will therefore, become what your think about, feel about, and speak about.

We always get what we believe, every time without fail. That is why I asked; what do you believe? We must choose wisely about what to believe!

Our LIFE depends on it!

Next: The Happiness Formula— BE Happy Attitudes

Please Remember This!

One more nugget regarding the Law of Balance.
Balance has four broad components in our lives. They are:
1. Interchanges with our environment
2. Interchanges with others
3. Interchanges with ourselves
4. Interchanges with Creative Forces

Environment: Everyone knows that our planet is sick from people, corporations and governments neglecting the environment. Fortunately, there is a faint light of hope that future generations will live more balanced and responsible lifestyles regarding our habitat. Simply stated, if mother earth is out of balance, all life is out of balance with her.

Others: As we act in love, joy, peace, and kindness, the effects of Spirit are extended and expanded to all life. We balance our exchanges with others by sharing the grace within ourselves to individuals and groups. We can see this occurring in many of the positive organizations giving service within our communities.

Ourselves: We are 100% responsible for keeping balance within our own being. We do this by balancing ourselves mentally, physically and spiritually. Balancing ourselves is a journey of continuous progress because life is constantly changing and we therefore must grow with changes. Meditation and prayer can stabilize our mind, body, and spirit for balancing purposes.

Creative Forces: This is about working within. “The Kingdom of Heaven is within”, suggests becoming heart centered and “seeking first the spirit within” has been written in so many of these blogs about how to take the high road in decision making. Creative Forces are everywhere, do you really thing space is empty? Balancing yourself as a spiritual being is critical in establishing a positive experience in our life’s journey!

Next Blog: Law of Belief —– Why nothing is impossible.

The Greatest Choice

The last blog defined the Law of Balance as All Exchanges Balance. When creating balance, making the Greatest Choice greatly facilitates the blending of the Mind, Body, and Feelings. Did you correctly guess the Greatest Choice as “Seeking first the Spirit within”?
Remember, the master Law of Attunement is always testing us to choose the high road or the low road. The high road is searching your heart for answers to life’s challenges. Herein lies the spirit, in the heart, the love center of the body.
When in meditation, as you slow the breathing, bring your focus to the heart center and ask the Spirit within for answers to your questions.
I have found that these questions directed to my heart work best. What else is possible? Or, how does it get any better than this? Try this when meditating and you will experience positive solutions! Each question is “asking the Spirit (with faith) and you shall receive”. Then wait… Let Spirit bring you the right people, the right circumstances, in the right time, for the right results!
Full definition of the Greatest Choice: Seek first the Spirit within and you shall find, Ask the spirit with FAITH, and you shall receive, and Knock with FAITH in the spirit and you shall receive”. Keep meditating using this formula and you will create/receive all that you wish.

Therefore, the Greatest Choice is freedom to choose the high road. In all its simplicity and grace, the Spirit only asks “Will you be my people”?
Will you take the high road? Are you too busy being in this world seeking its pleasures?
It is your choice!
If you tend to gravitate to the low road, ask yourself, how’s it going? Perhaps it is time to make the GREATEST CHOICE.
Stay Tuned!